Simple and fun to play, this is an easy to reskin game that’s guaranteed to make you lots of money!

Features Include:

  1. Universal Source code supports iPhone, iPod, and iPad
  2. 5.0 average rating across all versions
  3. Featured in the New section in Educational Games
  4. iOS 7 support (yeah, baby!)Copycat_Featured
  5. Cool eighties-style graphics with unique
  6. 7 themes with custom sound effects: Classic, Beach, Space, Sports, Guitar, Piano, and Pixel
  7. 5 play modes
  8. Gamecenter integration
  9. Single and Multiplayer mode for competing against friends
  10. 12 in-app purchases (non-consumable)
  11. Remove Ads feature
  12. Flurry Analytics
  13. Revmob SDK
  14. Playhaven SDK
  15. Local Notifications. These automatically remind people to come back and play the game.
  16. Share app on Facebook and Twitter.
  17. Shape app in an email.
  18. Share on Facebook and Unlock a Free Theme feature
  19. On/Off button for sound

$249 – Multi Use license

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