Mustache Bash is a great source code and it was Austin Church’s first iOS app. It’s now been ported to Android! Why not start with something that’s proven to work for the experts?

Some stats for the original app: 

  • $12,500+ in revenue!!!
  • Over 600,000 downloads and counting…
  • Top 100 Overall app in 44 countries (Top 10 Overall in 3 countries; #1 Photo app in 2 countries)
  • Over 800 reviews/ratings with an average of 4.5 stars for all versions

Reasons Why Reskins of Mustache Bash Are Easy

1. Integrated SDKs. You get Flurry for analytics and tracking as well as their new ad network AppSpot, Revmob, Playhaven, and Sincerely Ship, which adds postcard printing where you can earn extra revenue through commissions!

2. Social Integration. Twitter and Facebook integration built in for maximum viral potential! Examples include Unlock Free Pack for Sharing, Share to FB, Pick Profile Pic of FB Friend, and Invite FB friends.

4. The UI is “vanilla,” meaning you can leave it mostly alone because you only need a few design assets for a reskin: loading screen, home screen, app icon, 2 buttons (email support & theme), and .pngs for image packs.

5. The code is clean. There have been 6 updates for Mustache Bash since it was originally developed! This has been tested and you know it is code that just works.

6. Super quick to reskin – approximately 10-15 hours of development. Meaning you can even try to do it yourself if you’re a little technical.

How to Make Your Money Back

  • 7 in-app purchases
  • Revmob and Playhaven interstitials
  • Playhaven More Apps button
  • Share on Facebook to unlock Secret Packs
  • Local notifications pull users back into the app
  • Minimal effort and investment needed to reskin
  • Buttons and UI fully localized in Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • 2 Versions – 1 free version with ads and in-app purchases and 1 premium version with all the in-app purchases unlocked

Exactly What To Do for Your Reskin

  1. Pick a niche or theme.
  2. Make a list of funny features related to the theme that people can layer on top of their pictures.
  3. Divide these features up into 8 packs.
  4. Give all the features and packs fun names.
  5. Hire a Photoshop specialist on oDesk to create all the .png image files for you, as well as a new app icon, Home and Loading screens (and all related “slices”), features gallery button, and email share button. Or do it yourself.
  6. Hire a cheap programmer to swap out all the image files for you and replace all the old IDs with the new ones. Or do it yourself.
  7. Be sure to ask the programmer to put the new name and links into all the strings and local notifications. Or do it yourself.
  8. Run through your normal testing procedures and pre-submission checklist.


So how much is it?

$479 for Multi-use License – You can create UNLIMITED reskins

Buy Mult-use License

Image ( sample )