Ninja Jump Buddy

Help the Red Ninja gain the ultimate jumping black belt! The Red Ninja is in training to prove he is indeed the best of the best in the sport of jumping. To do that he needs YOUR help! Help the Red Ninja climb the skies as high as you can to show off his jumping skills! Can you beat your friends’ scores? Find out!


In a mysterious land far away, there was a village. The village was known for the amazing ninjas it created. But one ninja, the Red Ninja, stood out from the crowd. For years he was ignored because of his small size despite his skills in the art of ninja.

He was excluded from tournaments and games. He was discriminated against for his size. He was awarded only a red belt despite his skills.Day after day, he would train and practice but still no one would take notice or let him level up.

Then one day Red Ninja decided he had enough. It was time to show the world what it was missing out on. Red Ninja travelled many days and nights to the foot of the Great Mountain, where he would attempt the ultimate test for the jumping black belt: to jump as high into the sky, to heights where no ninja had gone before.

Bravely, Red Ninja begin his upward journey to prove to the world of his skills and worth. He would show the world what he was made of.

FEATURES of this fun, addicting, and easy to play include:
*Play as the cute adorable Red Ninja!
*Collect Ninja Stars and Power Ups!
*Unlock additional characters with Ninja Stars!
*Beautiful graphics and thematic music!

How high can you go? Can you earn the ultimate jumping black belt? Download the FREE game now and find out!

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