Dragon Adventures

Help the Magic Dragon find the dragon survivors!

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The ogres have destroyed the dragon’s lair in the Dark Kingdom! Help the lone dragon survivor find the others in an epic journey! 


This has a really cute theme with a fire breathing hero and nice game action!


Love the dragons and ogres..cute game! 


In a mysterious fantasy land far away, deep in the mountains of the Dark Kingdom, there was a City of Dragons. The dragons lived amongst themselves in the mountains, far from human and ogre civilization. The dragons were known to be peaceful to those that were nice, and vicious against those who threatened or attacked their home.

One day, a catastrophic event destroyed the dragon lair. Ogres from all over the land had gathered to capture the city of dragons, and the gold beneath the mountains. They had gathered together, bought advanced weapons and nets from all over the land, and attacked the mountains from all sides. Surprised by attack and outnumbered but unwilling to give up their home, the dragons fought bravely to defend their city. Countless dragons and ogres were killed. In the end, the dragons had no choice but to flee their lair in defeat.

As the ogres celebrated their victory, they begin their search for the valuable gold. What they did not see or know, was there was a special dragon egg hidden in the safety of a nest.

The dragon soon hatched and its eyes only saw the bloodshed of recent battle. It looked around for its mother, or just another dragon. It saw nothing.

This one dragon, the Mighty Dragon, then set off on a quest to find the dragon survivors. It is your job to help the Dragon escape the mountain lair and rise from the ashes of its home as it goes on a life-changing adventure to not only search for the other dragons, but to learn about the terrible battle.

Play as the Mighty Dragon!

Play as the Mighty Dragon on this epic adventure! Fly through the skies and avoid the ogres! Breath fire on all those who dare attack you!

Deep and Immersive Storyline

Follow the adventures of the Mighty Dragon as you rise from the ashes and find the other survivor dragons!

Lots of Collectables!

Collect coins and power ups! Then upgrade your dragon to ensure your survival! It’s the survival of the fittest at it’s finest.

Beautiful Graphics, Animations, and Sound Effects!

Cute fire-breathing dragons, angry ogres, and more bring this game to life!

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